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Training a horse correctly is an art form and in the Old World it was regarded to be on the same level or order as painting, music, or architecture.  To become a true equestrian artist requires knowledge, time, patience and untold hours in the saddle; no, not hours, but days, months and years.

In addition, this trainer artist must deal with the horse’s disposition, willingness, response to the aids, movement, sensitivity, conformation, manners, way of going, foot placement and agility plus many other factors that are constantly involved.

Nuno Olviveira, probably the world’s greatest horseman, says that there are at least one thousand details involved in correctly training a horse properly.

Enter Montie Eagle, who has paid her tuition in this school of time, effort, hard work, expense, disappointment, failure and success.

In this book on horse training she has brought out some new factors involved in this work that few or no other authors consider.  She gets deeper in the subject like mental attitude for both horse and rider, the nature of the horse, training of the aids, soundness issues and training fallacies among others.

In the training issues she has the perfect use of descriptive words which make the “how to” part so understandable.

I only wish I had her literary talent.  Religion also enters the dialog and there is surely a place for this.


This book is filled with information that only a true horseman or woman has a their command, Montie being the perfect example, my hat’s off to her.  This book is for real.

     Jack Brainard

     Whitesboro, Texas

     March 3, 2016

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